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Snapchat or poke?


Have you uploaded Snapchat? The ‘hip’ app, that has been around since September 2011, which continues to leave ‘Facebook Poke’ in the cold, according to techcrunch. Both apps have the ability to upload video and photos, taken in real-time. You can even write text or a caption, on the image before you send to your friend/s. Facebook introduced ‘Poke’ in December 2012, in a record time of 12 days, however they just cloned ‘Snapchat’, with the exception of a few interface differences and privacy settings. Now the best part of these apps, is when you share these moments in time, (just woke up, at a party or self confession) they self destruct in 1-10 seconds of receiving. Wow – just wow. Reminds me of James Bond’s gadgets. Yes – I have both apps. What do you think?