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Innovative Marketing in 6 Seconds

To stand out from the crowd today, you need to be innovative. So what can you do, to achieve this? With the launch of Twitter’s platform ‘Vine’, this has introduced a new ‘medium’ that is clever, succinct and engaging footage, that captivates your audience, in just 6 seconds. Recently, ‘Tribeca Film Festival’, invited people to submit entries using Vine (the iPhone app) that creates these remarkable 6-second looping videos. Amazing. However, you need to plan your storytelling effectively, so your short film will reach and maximise your audience, who will keep coming back for more. You can also watch the latest film reviews, in just 6 seconds on sixsecondreviews.com, as everyone is now time deficient, after all. The maximum spoken word when using Vine, is roughly 25 words, but less is more. So when brainstorming your next Vine clip, think about how you want to be perceived: images and text, that represent interesting ideas is what you need, to ultimately provoke and stimulate your audience’s heart. Connect with people.


The last few days I have become increasingly fascinated with Pinterest. I created a few boards some months ago, and revisited my virtual pin board or scrapbook, earlier this week. So far, my boards include books, thoughts, ideas, wishes, likes, charlatan clinic, social media, theatre, art, film, fashion, inspiration, celebrity and costume! So what is this all about? From what I can ascertain, it is all about you, and what makes you happy. I am sold. Searching for everything that I enjoy, and collecting virtual images, footage and text from everyone to anything. Inspirational.



Do you feel the pressure to purchase presents, for all of your friends or family at Christmas time? If not a gift, at least a decent card, right? Some people ignore the occassion and go abroad, maybe a good solution, if you have the coin. We are ambushed with advertising on billboards, radio, TV, internet, all media portals. I have a fully lit (26 metre) Christmas tree on my door step, everyday after 830pm, so difficult to ignore the festivities. The malls are heaving with crowds of neurotic shoppers, looking for the perfect item or not? Gone are the days of handmade decorations and Christmas cards, due to lack of time or exhaustion, we buy it instead. At least the economy is gaining momentum, yes? The queues are still outside the Auckland City Mission for food parcels. I am not one of them, waiting, thankfully. Hope Santa spoils you.